Tell Me and I Forget; Teach Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I will Learn.

Whether you are a Novice or fully trained driver, lessons can be tailored to suit your needs.

Prices vary depending on what type of lessons you require. Email for more information stating what lessons you would like to do.

Theory Lessons

If you would like help in understanding in how to do a Theory Test? Or you are having difficulties in passing it. Help is here! Assistance is available for the multi choice sections and the Hazard perception. £60.00 for two hours.

Practical Lessons

Automatic lessons are available. lesson prices are fixed at £34.00 per hour. There are no block discounts.

Pass Plus

You passed your test. Congratulations! Where do you go now? You can never stop learning. The Pass Plus Course gives you additional confidence in driving as a full licence holder. There are 6 modules to complete, with a DVSA Course Completion Certificate at the end of it. Some insurance companies may offer discounts to premiums. The course can be completed in your own vehicle or the school’s car.

Refresher training

You have had your licence for quite a while, but feel rusty in returning back behind the wheel? You had a near miss situation and feel that you need to seek additional guidance? There is nothing wrong in seeking help from the Subject Matter Experts in driving safely. Let me give you that confidence you need to have a relaxing drive. The training can be in your own vehicle or in the school’s car.

Telematics training

Is your black box raising some driving issues? Are you concerned that your driving is giving you some reports that may increase your renewal for the following year? Speak to us to arrange a session of Assessing your driving. Let us Identify any issues, analyse the cause (Attitude, Skill or Knowledge), and remedy by Practice. This will be done in your own vehicle.