20 June 2023

With Test dates and holidays coming in thick and fast. New time slots may appear which could be more suitable for you. If you see a time slot that is better suited for you, please let me know.

16 April 2023

Emergency stop document has been added to your pages.

11 April 2023

Please see below an extract from the latest statement made from the DVSA regarding Driving Tests:

The statistics from February 2023 show that around 53% of learner drivers are failing their car driving test and driving examiners are having to physically intervene in 1 in 8 tests for safety reasons. This suggests that more than half are not ready to take their test or drive safely and responsibly on their own.

These changes are intended to help improve pass rates, make more tests available for learners who are ready and help to reduce driving test waiting times.

They are part of a package of measures that were publicly consulted on in 2022. The changes include:

  • extending the period that those who fail their car test have to wait before booking another test from 10 to 28 clear working days. This will give learners the time to undertake additional learning, training and experience which will increase the likelihood of them passing their next test. We also foresee this having a positive impact on car test waiting times.
  • extending the notice period during which a cancelled car test will result in a lost fee, from 3 to 10 clear working days. We are extending the notice period to encourage learners who need more practice, to give DVSA more notice when cancelling. This will give better prepared learners more chance to take advantage of short-notice test appointments.

Why we are planning to make these changes

Many of you have told us that some learner drivers want to pass their driving test as quickly and cheaply as possible and that you’ve been unable to stop pupils booking a test before they are ready. We are planning to make these changes because we think they’ll:

  • encourage learner drivers to be better prepared for their driving test
  • help to reduce the number of driving test appointments that are wasted
  • make more tests available for your pupils who are properly prepared
  • make it easier for you to find tests that are cancelled at short notice for your pupils who are properly prepared
  • give your pupils who fail the time they need to properly prepare for their next test